Day 10: Mobcraft Low pHunk

About the Beer: For the next two days we will be diving into the Sours. Sours are unique beers that often get overlooked in people’s choice of beer. The reason for placing them on the calendar next to each other is for you to get a taste of different styles and then compare which one you liked better. Hopefully you finish them 🙂

Tonight our beer is from Mobcraft Brewery located in Milwaukee, WI. Mobcraft is famous for creating what they call “crowdsourced beer.” This means that they let people suggest what styles, flavors, or types of beer they create. Located in the Walker’s Point Neighborhood of Milwaukee, Mobcraft is an awesome place to stop in for a drink (especially in the summer). Tonight we are drinking their take on a sour ale called Low pHunk. Low pHunk is refreshingly tart with hints of Belgian esters (according to their website). If you are interested in learning more, or have some crazy beer flavor/style ideas, check out Mobcrafts website:

Advent Reflection: Take some time tonight to sit and reflect on something good in your life. Take some time to thank God that even in the midst of ‘sour’ situations or circumstances, there is still good!

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