Day 6: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

About the Beer:

Celebration Fresh Hop IPA is one of many Christmas Beers on this years calendar, but it is unlike any of the other beers in several ways. First, for most breweries, a Christmas Ale is usually a beer that they experiment with and change every few years. Celebration is actually the second style brewed by Sierra Nevada and dates back to 1981! On an even more interesting note, this beer helped pioneer the beer revolution that created the American Style IPA. Finally, Celebration stands out from the crowd of Christmas beers because it is an IPA and not some spicier version of a scotch ale or winter warmer. This classic uses fresh Centennial, Cascade, and Chinook hops sourced directly from the mountains that the brewery derives it’s name from. 
In addition to being an excellent brewery, Sierra Nevada is passionate about sustainability and has a firm belief that freedom is found from being out in nature. You can read more about their brewery and beers at their website:

Advent Reflection: This morning in my staff meeting at work, we sang the Advent hymn “O Come, O Come Emmaunuel”. I resonate with the minor keys and the somberness so much. It is, in essence, the anthem of my life. Always longing for something more. Longing for something to come to bring peace, wholeness, joy. Take a moment to pause, read the lyrics, and listen to this version of this well-known Advent hymn by Sovereign Grace Music)

O Come O come Emmanuel. And ransom captive Israel. That mourns in lonely exile here. Until the Son of God appears.

O come Thou day spring from on high, and cause thy light on us to rise. Disperse the gloomy clouds of night, and deaths dark shadow put to flight. Rejoice, rejoice! Emmanuel, shall come to thee O Israel.

O come, O come true prophet of the Lord, and turn the key to heaven’s door. Be thou, our comforter and guide. And lead us to the Father’s side. Rejoice, rejoice. Emmanuel, shall by His word our darkness dispel.

O come our great high priest and intercede. Thy sacrifice our only plea. Thy judgment we no longer fear. Thy precious blood has brought us near. Rejoice, rejoice. Emmanuel, has banished every fear of hell.

O come thou King of nations bring, an end to all our suffering. Bid every pain and sorrow cease, and reign now as our prince of peace. Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel. Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel. Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel

Shall come again with us to dwell.

One thought on “Day 6: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

  1. Thanks for the reflections Robert! Was wondering if anyone was on the untapped app. Find me under Mike Wise or wiseguy2442. Would love to know what others think of the beer as well. Cheers!


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