Day 4: Central Waters Brut Pils

About the Beer: Central Waters Brewing Company is located in Amherst, Wisconsin. When you look at their website the first word they use to describe their beers is memorable; that is their desire, to create beers that you remember. The Crew Drive Brut Pils is one of their seasonal beers and is described as the perfect beer for thirst quenching and easy drinking.

Central Waters Brewing Company is passionate about brewing beer with our planet in mind. Read about their sustainable brewing process here:

Advent Reflection: I thought that this devotion below was very appropriate to where I am at.

Peace Is More Than the Absence of Conflict
by Scott Stoner
Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to
you. I do not give as the world gives.
—John 14:27

Peace is often thought of as the absence of conflict. While there is a
partial truth to this, it is a limited perspective. For example, when a
pianist performs a beautiful piece of music, we wouldn’t say that what
makes it beautiful is the absence of wrong or poorly played notes. We
would know that what makes the performance beautiful is the presence
of timing, phrasing, and the seemingly effortless playing of complex
notes and chords.
The peace that Jesus offers to us and calls us to live into is not just the
absence of conflict, but is the active and abundant presence of love, justice, reconciliation, and compassion.

Jesus speaks of a deeper understanding of peace when he calls us not just
to love people who love us, but also to love our enemies. It is important
to note that he is not calling us only to have no conflict with our enemies,
which we could do simply by distancing ourselves from them. Instead,
he is calling us to actively practice and create a more profound, more
authentic love and peace with the people in our lives we find the most

Personalize It: What do you think of the idea that peace is more
than the absence of conflict?
How often do you feel challenged or uncomfortable with this deeper understanding of peace to which Christ calls us? What do you feel God calling you to do?

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