Beer Advent Day 23: Hennepin


Brewery:  Ommegang

Location:  Cooperstown, NY

Style:  Saison  ABV: 7.7%

Info on beer/brewery:  Nestled in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, Brewery Ommegang brews ales in the Belgian tradition.  It is an absolute picturesque brewery and definitely worth a visit…especially if you ever visit the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Brewery Ommegang has the slogan “Everything we do has a reason”.  And I think this is a great reminder to us this Advent season.

Tonight’s beer is a Belgian Saison that features a little bit more spice than last night’s Tank 7.  Extremely delicious with hints of ginger and coriander; make sure you pour this golden ale into a stemmed narrow goblet to allow all of the ingredients to work together.  Hennepin is named for “Great discoveries that await in the lands less known” as Father Hennepin set off for the new world and was known for being the first European to lay eyes on Niagara Falls.

Cheers to tonight’s beer and to discovery!

Advent Reflection: Tonight’s Advent song is called “Carol for the Weary”.  It reminds me of the story that we have been journeying through this Advent.  The story of waiting and hoping for something to come that will bring hope and peace!“>Carol for the Weary

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