Beer Advent Day 7: Eugene Porter

eugene porter

Brewery: Revolution Brewery

Location: Chicago, IL

Style: Porter  ABV: 6.8%

Info about beer/brewery: Tonight’s beer is our second from Revolution Brewing down in the Windy City.  I’m definitely going to visit the taproom sometime this holiday season because I really like their beer.  Anywho…the Eugene Porter is brewed from a mix of Belgian specialty malts which gives it the dark chocolate intensity.  It is robust and should be a nice comfort to the frigid cold that has finally hit the Milwaukee, NW Illinois area.  

The Eugene Porter is named after Eugene V. Debs, who was an American union leader and activist who led the Pullman Railroad strike in Chicago in 1894.  You can read up a little more on this guy who is pictured on your can tonight here:  Eugene V. Debs

Cheers to tonight’s robust porter! Put those fists in the air and bring a revolution in your sphere of influence!

Advent Reflection: As we journey through the Old Testament to enter into God’s Story we learn that the Old Testament ends with the promise being unfulfilled.  The promised offspring of the woman has not yet come.  Key word being ‘yet’.  The world has not yet been set right.  Blessing has not yet come to the world through Abraham’s descendant.  It looks as though the scepter has departed from the line of Judah.  It looks as though David’s kingdom has been defeated and no ruler reigns to bring God’s blessing to the nations.  The Old testament ends with a looking ahead to the future for this promise to be fulfilled.

The prophets have been silent.  Their voice has ceased.

The waiting continues.

We now enter a period of silence as the Old Testament draws to an end. 

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