Day 3: Reward IPA


Brewery:  Good City Brewing

Location:  Milwaukee, WI

Style:  Double IPA  ABV:  8.5%

The beer tonight is our first IPA (India Pale Ale) for Beer Advent 2017.  The Reward IPA is the bigger brother of Good City’s Risk IPA. Reward features a dry malt profile with Citra, Amarillo and Eureka hops.  The Hop aroma is accompanied by tropical fruit and a distinct pineapple character that will hit your nose as you pour into your pint glass.  Reward IPA won the 2017 National Imperial IPA Championship and certainly lives up to the motto: “The bigger the Risk the greater the Reward”. Good City Brewing has the motto ‘Seek the Good’, which I think is pretty apropos to the season that we are in right now.

Another fun fact about Good City Brewing is that the Brewmaster, Andy Jones, is a graduate of my high school: Dakota High School, in rural NW Illinois. I think this means that the Rock City Area participants of Beer Advent are in for a trip to Milwaukee so we can visit Andy’s operation at Good City Brewing!!!

Good City Brewing is about passion for craft beer, 
lasting friendships and a commitment to 
seeking the good.

Advent Reflection:  Yesterday we looked at the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1 and read about all the people that were mentioned in the lineage.  It opens with Abraham and David but before that we can even go further back to Genesis 1.  As Good City Brewing’s motto is “Seek the Good”, we read in Genesis 1 that all of God’s creation was ‘GOOD’.  That ‘Good’ was drastically changed in Genesis 3 when Eve and Adam ate from the tree that was forbidden.  In their shame and guilt, Adam and Eve both hid from the presence of God.  In their hiding, God seeks them out, shows mercy, and then speaks the first prophecy of the coming Savior in his curse to the serpent…“I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; you shall bruise his heel, and he shall crush your head.”  (Genesis 3:15)  For many, this may sound a bit strange, but in essence, it declares that one day a descendant of the woman will crush the head of Satan.  That descendant is the very reason as to why we celebrate Christmas.  The descendant spoken about in Genesis 3 is Jesus!

Cheers to tonight’s beer!  As you drink, think about seeking the good of those in your world; whom God has placed in your path.

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