Beer Advent Day 12: Semi-sweet Cider


Brewery:  Seattle Cider Co.

Location:  Seattle, WA

Style:  Semi-sweet hard cider  ABV: 6.5%

Contributed by:  John Christensen  (Thanks John!)

Advent Reflection: Hosea 3:1-5  The LORD said to me, “Go, show your love to your wife again, though she is loved by another and is an adulteress. Love her as the LORD loves the Israelites, though they turn to other gods and love the sacred raisin cakes.”
2 So I bought her for fifteen shekels of silver and about a homer and a lethek of barley.
3 Then I told her, “You are to live with me many days; you must not be a prostitute or be intimate with any man, and I will live with you.”
4 For the Israelites will live many days without king or prince, without sacrifice or sacred stones, without ephod or idol.
5 Afterward the Israelites will return and seek the LORD their God and David their king. They will come trembling to the LORD and to his blessings in the last days.

One of the pictures that we get of the Israelites throughout the Old Testament narrative is that of an unfaithful bride.  God’s people, time and time again, turned their backs on God and longed for something or someone else.  The prophet Hosea is such an interesting character because God basically tells him to stay faithful to his wife even though she is going to be unfaithful to him.  God says to him to love your wife with a loyal, faithful love.  This is a picture, so much, of the Israelites relationship with God and dare I even say, my relationship with God.  So often, my heart gets wooed and led astray by things that simply cannot satisfy.  So often, my faithlessness and even unfaithfulness is on display in my relationship with the Lord….YET, He remains faithful.  His love NEVER gives up on me!  That thought alone gives me chills and makes  me sit in awe of His grace.  I pray that you also sit in awe of His grace tonight as you enjoy the cider!


One thought on “Beer Advent Day 12: Semi-sweet Cider

  1. Don’t like apple juice but the tartness of the cider is ok.

    I think the imagery of a cheating bride is incredibly powerful. When we marry we swear to never leave are spouse “sickness and health till death do us part” so a cheating spouse strikes at the core of our understanding of breaking a sacred vow in a cruel way.

    God in using this imagery really wants us, I think, to understand the depth of His grace and love in that he would take us back in a situation in which I would struggle mightily to do the same.


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