Beer Advent Day 5: Lakefront IPA


Brewery:  Lakefront Brewery Inc.

Location:  Milwaukee, WI

Style:  India Pale Ale  ABV:  6.6%

Contributed by:  Erik Browne

Our first IPA of the Beer Advent season hails from Milwaukee’s iconic brewery on the Milwaukee River….Lakefront Brewery!  Lakefront was started in 1987 by two brothers living in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee, Jim and Russ Klisch.  Jim began home-brewing after reading a home-brewing book and his brother Russ thought that he could one up his brother’s beer.  Good sibling rivalry led to the reality that they both could brew a good beer!  They sold their first barrel of beer to the Gordon Park Pub in December 1987 and from there they were off and running.  Lakefront Brewery moved to its current location along the Milwaukee River in 1998.  The building used to house the Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Company.  The city was considering tearing down the building unless a local business was interested in the location.  In stepped the Klisch brothers, as their beer production increased and they needed a bigger space.  Moving into the building also ignited (or reinforced) their passion for preserving historical sites in the city of Milwaukee!  Lakefront is home to the old Bernie the Brewer chalet from County Stadium as well as lights that were in the Plankinton Hotel beer hall in 1916.  Lakefront Brewery boasts one of the best brewery tours that originated from the Klisch brothers humble beginnings. If you have not taken a trip down to Lakefront for their brewery tour; it is a must!  I will even go with you.  (Hey, we could make it a Beer Advent 414 outing!!!)

Enjoy the hoppy goodness that is Lakefront’s IPA!  Cheers

Advent Reading: Hosea 6:4-6

4 What shall I do with you, O Ephraim? What shall I do with you, O Judah? Your love is like a morning cloud, like the dew that goes early away.
5 Therefore I have hewn them by the prophets; I have slain them by the words of my mouth, and my judgment goes forth as the light.
6 For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.

In this reading from the prophet Hosea I am struck by the harsh reality of what God desires.  In Hosea’s time, the people of Israel were not living faithful lives.  They were not caring for the poor as Scripture commended.  They were not showing love to one another.  They were selfish and arrogant.  Prideful in their own works of ‘righteousness’.  Makes me think of our culture today.  We may feel like we can stack up all of the ‘good’ things that we do for the Lord.  “I attend church”.  “I attend Bible study and prayer group”.  “I give to charity and in the offering plate”.  But if we focus on verse 6, we find out what God desires from us.  He doesn’t care about our burnt offerings or our sacrifices.  He doesn’t care about what we ‘do’.  He desires faithful love (steadfast love).  He desires obedience.  He desires mercy.  This Advent season, let us not focus on ‘what we do’ but on ‘how we can be’.  Be His.

P.S.  I am sorry about the late post.  Life happened in my home.  Or should I say, 3 cranky boys happened!

9 thoughts on “Beer Advent Day 5: Lakefront IPA

  1. I enjoy going to this brewery. This beer I believe was the first one I tried at this place. It has a good hops taste. Besides the beer they have done good food also. Remember always try to show your love.


  2. I hate to say it but….soap! I don’t know why but it strikes me as a citrus flavored dish soap. Not a fan but hey, thats just one out of 4 for me. Steadfast Love is all he wants. What a beautiful thought in that era of religious history with all the ceremony built around worship that he would make such a simple, fatherly demand.


      1. I have a rule, when I try a new beer I take a sip, wait then take a swallow, wait then take another swallow. The first word that pops into my head after that third taste is my base review for the product. Usually its complex but this one…soap.


  3. Not a fan of hoppy beers but this wasn’t bad. I get the citrusy taste, that’s what I thought too.I’ve enjoyed all of them so far with the exception of the Surly Fest. Too hoppy for me which surprised me because I like Octoberfest beers. Different strokes…
    Good message tonight, reminds me that no matter how close to Him I think I might be, I can be closer.


  4. IPAs continue to grow on me – I quite enjoyed this one. I also had a vanilla milk stout with dinner at Birch’s On the Lake in Minneapolis – there’s a brew house on the lower level and they had some interesting beers. Maybe next year I can get one from there because the stout was perhaps the easiest to drink beer I’ve ever had. Two good beers in one night made for a great evening!


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